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The Technical Committee of the Schools Green Initiative Challenge is glad to announce the appointments of Daniel Ndolo and January Muthoka as the new Monitoring and Evaluation Officers for Phase IV of the Schools Green Initiative Challenge.

Daniel, who has 4 years experience as a forester, started his career at Kenya Forest Service as an attachee, before moving on to the NGO sector as a project assistant, while January started off at the Kenya Forestry Research Institute before joining Better Globe Forestry. Both are qualified Natural Resource Management specialists.

Daniel Ndolo Better Globe Foresty

Daniel Ndolo, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer – Better Globe Forestry.

Daniel holds BSc.in Natural Resources Management from Egerton University, and specializes in Environmental Impact Assessment & Audit. January is a graduate of Chuka University and is adept at GIS mapping and data acquisition.

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The two officers will play a crucial role in monitoring the success of the Phase IV of the GIC project, a unique partnership between the champions of dry-land forestry – Better Globe Forestry; the experts of habitat restoration – Bamburi Cement Ltd; Africa’s biggest geothermal energy producer – KenGen; and the KenGen Foundation.

January Muthoka, Better Globe Forestry

January Muthoka during a past capacity building workshop, Kitui County.

The project, designed as a competition between participating schools, aims at greening over 500 acres of the semi-arid counties of Embu, Meru, and Machakos with drought resistant Terminalia brownie, Senna siamea and Melia volkensi tree species.

The project recently conducted the first teachers’ capacity building workshop for the new 100 schools that will compete for the top prize in Phase IV of the afforestation competition. The winning school stands to win a fully paid trip to Mombasa, scholarships, and water tanks among others, based on the tree seedlings survival rates and innovations.

The new M&E officers are also charged with seedlings distribution, replacement, and keeping track of the project’s development within the 100 new schools participating on Phase IV.

Karibuni Daniel and January!

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Ernest Nyamasyo, Communication Officer