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University students under the KenGen education scholarship program are set to benefit from books donated to the Foundation by Senior Engineer Edison Ochieng from KenGen’s Strategy and Business Performance Division on 30 October.

“I believe we shouldn’t horde resources that we are not using, and we should give them out to those who need them”, – Edison (second from right).

Edison Ochieng, a former electrical engineering student at the University of Nairobi, said that after not getting any response on Facebook for the free books giveaways, he opted to donate them to the Foundation knowing to benefit our university scholarship beneficiaries.

“I believe we shouldn’t horde resources that we are not using, and we should give them out to those who need them”, said Edison.

“I encourage those who will benefit from the books to acquire other skills apart from their course subjects in order to diversify their chances of employment once they complete their studies”, he added.

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Edison also pledged to donate his library of PDF books to the Foundation to share with the university students.

In a surprise twist of events, Jeremiah Wambua, a 2nd -year electrical and electronics student from the Technical University of Kenya couldn’t wait to lay his hands on two of the books after the Foundation advertised the donation on the scholarship alumni WhatApp platform.

Jeremiah Wambua 2nd -year electrical and electronics student – the Technical University of Kenya

“After reading about the donation on our WhatApp group, I immediately left for the Foundation as I had seen two books that will definitely help me in my studies”, he said.

Jeremiah, a KenGen education scholarships beneficiary since secondary school, qualified with an A in the 2015 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education to proceed to the Technical University of Kenya.

“I’m more than grateful for the books. They will definitely broaden my knowledge in electrical engineering and help me better prepare for my exams”, an enthusiastic Jeremiah said.

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The Foundation is committed to ensuring the success of all KenGen education scholarship students and is asking you  to donate in kind any learning material that you are not using.

Donations can be dropped at the Foundation’s office, 11th Floor RBS plaza 2.

Thank you Edison, and best of luck Jeremiah!

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Ernest Nyamasyo, Communication Officer

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