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Our Corporate Social Investment projects target communities neighboring KenGen’s 25 power stations as these are the most affected by socioeconomic and environmental impacts of the plants’ installation. Most of these communities are rural based and marginalized, with a heavy reliance on rain-fed economic activities for their livelihood. As a result, our community projects are based on the common challenges identified by the communities themselves, the interconnection of economies in these areas, and their alignment to the regional goals of individual county governments.

Our Corporate Social Investment programs and projects are guided by the following:

  • The programs must address pressing needs in the community that affect the poor and marginalized.
  • They must  involve communities in the planning and implementation phases to ensure transparent use of resources
  • Programs should include public and private partnerships offering monetary and/or non-monetary support
  • They have a built-in aspect of monitoring and evaluation to ensure progress and demonstrate short and long-term benefits
  • All programs show how they will achieve sustainability and have clear exit plans.

The 25 power stations (15 hydro, 4 geothermal, 1 wind and 5 thermal plants) around which our communities are located, are in Western, Eastern, Central, Northern and Coastal regions of the country, reflecting our geographically spread country-wide.