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The KenGen Foundation’s Corporate Social Investments primarily target vulnerable communities living near KenGen power plants, as these are the most affected by socioeconomic and environmental impacts of the plants’ installation.

Our community projects are based on the common challenges identified by the communities themselves, the interconnection of economies in these areas, and their alignment to the regional goals of individual county governments.

We offer full secondary education and university scholarships to bright, but needy students from all areas where KenGen operates. At the same time, we have a vibrant environmental conservation program across all our power plants aimed at not only promoting awareness of environmental conservation, but also improving the socio-economic wellbeing of communities living around the installations.

Our water & sanitation program has so far seen the construction of community sand dams and water points, distribution of water tanks, and also the setting up of water distribution infrastructure especially at 7-Forks, Sondu Miriu, Olkaria, and Turkwell.