Former KenGen MD & CEO Eng. Albert Mugo and KenGen Chair of the Board Mr. Joshua Choge during the 2017 Education Scholarships Awards.

Education Scholarships

KenGen lays great emphasis on creating a pool of trained, competent and patriotic manpower that will build a vibrant economy and transform this country into a middle-income economy by the year 2030. Through the KenGen Education Scholarships, the Foundation offers learning opportunities for bright but needy secondary school and university students from communities living around the Company’s power stations.

The Education Scholarship program was set up in 2005. Since that year the program has helped dreams come true for more than 500 outstanding students chosen mainly from areas neighouring the company’s installations which, in most cases are marginalized.

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To join the program, the students are carefully selected each year on the criteria of the most needy and deserving cases to join secondary schools and universities across the country.

The program currently supports over 180 students across all levels each year.

Through the program, students begin their journey of academic excellence, hard work, positive thinking and dedication to service.

The program instils values of service, and helps students in transitioning from their studies to their careers. It also builds capacity for the realization of their full potential to enable them become achievers within their communities as well as nationally and internationally.

The KenGen Foundation scholarship model goes beyond awarding financial assistance to excelling primary and high school students.

Our organization continually nurtures the students to become passionate, motivated, service-oriented leaders of tomorrow.

Annual Mentorship Program:

KenGen Mentors, Annual Mentorship 2017

The KenGen Foundation organizes the Annual Mentorship for all the scholarship beneficiaries in order to enhance their academic performance, character, social and leadership development.

The Annual Mentorship program guides the mentees into becoming academic giants and encourages the discovery of talents and nurturing of life skills to allow a balanced approach in achieving transformational leadership.

The mentorship program engages leading professional trainers at the top of their fields to deliver a series of lectures and workshops. This creates an interactive platform that allows students to learn from the best.

Infrastructure Support:

KenGen Schools Infrastructure support, Kiambaa Primary School_Muranga

KenGen Foundation and partners offer support for infrastructure development in schools such as construction of classrooms and schools. Among the education infrastructure projects that the company has so far supported include:

  • Construction of high school (thurdibuoro high school) and two primary schools (Apoko and Aomo Primary schools) in Sondu Miriu , Nyanza region.
  • Water Harvesting and Storage Facility at Kiambere Mixed School
  • Construction of a classroom at Kikuuni Mixed School in Masinga
  • Repairing school amenities in Changamwe Primary School at the coast
  • Constructing a student’s dormitory at St. Anthony’s Kajimbo Girls
  • Providing school building materials for Muhang’o Secondary School
  • Establishing school sponsorships in places KenGen has set up wind data loggers

Working with its partners Bamburi Cement Ltd., and the World Bank’s Community Development Carbon Fund (CDCF), the Foundation is in the process of renovating the following schools:

  • Voondeni Primary School in Machakos County
  • Mwea Primary School in Embu County
  • Kiambaa Primary School in Murang’a County

KenGen Alumni:

KenGen Education Scholarships AlumniThe KenGen Foundation and former beneficiaries of the Education Scholarships program launched the KenGen Alumni Club in 2015 as a networking platform to engage members in different activities that support the Education pillar of the organization.

KenGen Alumni are leaders in their fields and are always proud of the opportunity awarded to them by KenGen. Getting the alumni together was to give them a platform to give back by empowering and facilitating current students, strengthening the Education program’s resources, and supporting the Foundation’s activities.

KenGen Foundation appreciates the alumni contributions in continuing this success story and we want you to keep us updated on your activities and accomplishments.

Every graduate of the KenGen Education Scholarships program is encouraged to become a member of the KenGen Alumni Club.