Education remains among the most powerful means of positively transforming young lives. In KenGen we actively support this and have focused on Education as one of our core pillars that greatly contributes to the growing numbers of skilled youth and equipped schools in the country.

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KenGen supports the Education sector through two key ways:

a) Offering annual scholarships to bright and deserving students from remote marginalized communities neighbouring our power plants.

b)  By supporting school infrastructure development such as construction of classrooms, dining halls and laboratories; provision of furniture as well as educational materials.

Scholarship Program:


Since 2005, we have invested Ksh 17.5 Million in sponsorship for tomorrow’s leaders – 184 Secondary School pupils and 108 University graduates. Every year, KenGen continues with its custom of offering annual scholarships to 36 students across the country, in areas where the company has operations. 18 of these scholarships go towards high school education while 18 scholarships target university students. In addition, two sponsored university students who attain first class degrees upon graduation receive automatic employment into KenGen in line with the Corporate Social Investment.

Currently, the Foundation increased the number of total beneficiaries to 31 for the year 2016, thanks to the Giver Initiative.

Annual Mentorship:
IMG_7734Over years, KenGen has sought to expand the scope of its support to education in the country in as much as resources can allow. The KenGen Foundation organises the Annual Mentorship Programme for all the Education Scholarship programme beneficiaries in order to emphasise on enhancing academic performance, character, social and leadership development of all participating students.

The holistic mentoring enshrined in the vision of the Annual Mentorship Programme guides the students in discovering their potentials and talents that they are endowed with, and project them onto the path that will lead them to become tomorrow’s transformational leaders.

In addition to personal mentoring, students are also exposed to peer-mentoring and coaching opportunities during the annual leadership congress, which attracts leading professionals at the top of their fields through a series of lectures and workshops. This creates a platform that allows the students and transformational leaders of tomorrow, to interact with and learn from the great leaders of today.

IMG_8338Concurrently, the Foundation has trained and commissioned 25 members of staff from all areas to become mentors of various students though the Staff Giver Initiative, which was kicked off early this year. The volunteer mentors have voluntarily pledged to use their time and resources in undertaking this task as part of their ‘giving’ to the Foundation’s CSI programs. Many other members of staff have enlisted in the initiative and are already giving in various ways

Infrastructure Support:

KenGen Foundation and partners offer support for infrastructure development in schools such as construction of classrooms and schools. Among the education infrastructure projects that the company has so far supported include:

  • Construction of high school (thurdibuoro high school) and two primary schools (Apoko and Aomo Primary schools) in Sondu Miriu , Nyanza region.
  • Water Harvesting and Storage Facility at Kiambere Mixed School
  • Construction of a classroom at Kikuuni Mixed School in Masinga
  • Repairing school amenities in Changamwe Primary School at the coast
  • Constructing a student’s dormitory at St. Anthony’s Kajimbo Girls
  • Providing school building materials for Muhang’o Secondary School
  • Establishing school sponsorships in places KenGen has set up wind data loggers

The Foundation is set to refurbish two more primary schools at 7-Forks in 2016.