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KenGen Employee Giver Initiative 

Kipevu elderly home visit 1The KenGen Employee Giver Initiative is a KenGen Foundation’s program aimed at involving the company’s staff in Corporate Social Responsibility activities in education, environmental conservation, and water and sanitation projects.

The program gives KenGen staff an opportunity to voluntarily contribute to and/or participate in the company’s Corporate Social Investment projects. The main objective pf the Employee Giver Initiative is to assist in increasing staff’s attitude and feelings of ownership and affiliation to the company’s projects specifically its community ones. Additionally, it aims to help in diversifying finance sources for community projects.

The program is part of KenGen’s commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen while at the same time adding value to the livelihoods of neighbouring communities. Employees have a great opportunity to develop their leadership and project management skills, meet and mingle with community members, as well as staff from other stations from different parts of the country during social investment activities.

The Role of KenGen staff:

There are three main ways in which you can be a KenGen Giver:

DSC05058Time: Staff can contribute their time towards the implementation of our CSI projects in Education, Environment, Water and Sanitation.

Finance: Staff can contribute financially or in kind in terms of goods and equipment towards specific planned, or on-going projects within the three main Foundation pillars.

Skills: Staff can also contribute their skills and expertise in any of the Foundation’s projects under the pillars of Education, Environment, Water and Sanitation.

Become a giver . Its NOT only about money. Your life experience can encourage sponsored students. YOUR Ksh 200 per month can help turn a hopeless situation into a hopeful future.

We welcome monetary and in-kind donations. All donated funds, equipment and goods are utilized solely on community projects.

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For details on how to donate or partner with KenGen Foundation, please contact us:

Email: info@kengenfoundation.co.ke

Tel: +254 (0)70311 6709