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KenGen Foundation Education Scholarships


Education remains among the most powerful means of positively transforming young lives. In KenGen we actively support this and have focused on Education as one of our core pillars that greatly contributes to the growing numbers of skilled youth and equipped schools in the country.

KenGen supports the Education sector through two key ways:

a) Offering annual scholarships to bright and deserving students from remote marginalized communities neighbouring our power plants.

b)  By supporting school infrastructure development such as construction of classrooms, dining halls and laboratories; provision of furniture as well as educational materials.

Scholarship Program:


Since 2005, we have invested Ksh 17.5 Million in sponsorship for tomorrow’s leaders – 184 Secondary School pupils and 108 University graduates. Every year, KenGen continues with its custom of offering annual scholarships to 36 students across the country, in areas where the company has operations. 18 of these scholarships go towards high school education while 18 scholarships target university students. In addition, two sponsored university students who attain first class degrees upon graduation receive automatic employment into KenGen in line with the Corporate Social Investment.

Infrastructure Support:

KenGen offers support for infrastructure development in schools such as construction of classrooms and schools. Among the education infrastructure projects that the company has so far supported include:

  • Construction of thurdibuoro high school
  • Water Harvesting and Storage Facility at Kiambere Mixed School
  • Construction of a classroom at Kikuuni Mixed School in Masinga
  • Repairing school amenities in Changamwe Primary School at the coast
  • Roofing classrooms at Apoko Primary, in Sondu Miriu region.
  • Constructing a student’s dormitory at St. Anthony’s Kajimbo Girls
  • Providing school building materials for Muhang’o Secondary School
  • Establishing school sponsorships in places KenGen has set up wind data loggers.