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KenGen Foundation Environment Green Initiative Challenge


“KenGen actively contributes towards environmental conservation initiatives such as mitigation of the effects of climate change particularly for communities whose livelihoods are heavily dependent on rainfall, conservation of biodiversity, and promotion of environmental awareness. One of the ways in which we do this is through Reforestation, a rapidly growing program under our Environmental Pillar.

Our flagship project under the Environmental Pillar is the Green Initiative Challenge that was launched in November 2013. The project targets primary school pupils and aims to spread a culture of reforestation and conservation of natural resources. Primary school pupils are encouraged to grow small woodlots and forests around their school area as part of the area’s conservation effort, as well as for their own commercial and domestic use. The project focuses on primary school pupils in order to nurture an environmental friendly attitude and behavior from an early age.

With time, each of the 78 participating primary schools will have mini-forests around their schools, as well as a growing number of local conservation advocates. KenGen has partnered with the Kenya Forestry Service and the Kenya Wildlife service in the implementation of this project.”