Every year, preventable waterborne illnesses claim the lives of millions of Kenyans. Through partnerships with corporates, civil society, non-governmental organizations and County governments, KenGen has contributed towards addressing Kenya’s water challenges. Provision of clean accessible water for communities neighbouring its power plants has been one of KenGen’s key Corporate Social Investment programs since 2005. Some of its notable water projects include:

Sondu Miriu Water project:      This project includes a water treatment plant, bore holes and water kiosks, catering for 50,000 community members. A total investment worth Ksh 147 Million.

Kivaa-Kaewa Water project:        KenGen has invested Ksh 50 Million in a water distribution system (piping), water tanks and water kiosks benefiting more than 2,000 households and 150,000 livestock.

Construction of Livestock Troughs at the Kiambere Water Point:  In addition to the livestock troughs, KenGen has purchased water tanks and overseen the provision of clean water to Isako and Bondeni villages twice every week.

pantsAll this has been achieved through community involvement and the support and participation of various regional Water Service Boards that oversee the delivery of water supply to communities in a sustainable and professional way. Key partners for the above mentioned projects include Lake Victoria South Water and Sanitation Board as well as Tana Athi Water and Sewerage Board. KenGen has therefore made a mark as a good corporate citizen by contributing to help Kenya meet the UN Millennium Development Goal on water and sanitation.