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The KenGen Foundation celebrated the commitment of all Nairobi Central Office Giver employees in a colourful ceremony held at KenGen’s RBS Silo Parking Building Nairobi on Thursday 10th.

DSC04767The guest of honour Mr. Alfred Aseko, a trustee of the Foundation, and Mr. Mike Njeru, the Managing Trustee, presented more than 80 employees with Giver certificates and badges under the KenGen Giver Initiative.

Speaking during the award ceremony, Mr. Aseko thanked the subscribers for signing up to the initiative and encouraged them in participating in the Company’s Corporate Social Investment activities.

“The Giver Initiative is an important component in the Company’s Corporate Social Investment activities. Subscribers should be proud to be involved with the Foundation’s activities as a way of giving back to society”, said Mr. Aseko, who is also KenGen’s Chief Legal Officer.

Mr. Mike Njeru, the Foundation’s Managing Trustee, urged the Givers to encourage their colleagues who haven’t signed up to subscribe, as the Foundation’s team will be unveiling several CSI activities in the coming weeks.

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